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UVA's Hullabahoos Remind Us Why We Love Anthems In This #TBT

As far as anthems in the format of cover songs go, they're fairly difficult to pull off. Even more so as an a cappella group.

Anthems require the full musical force of a band. And a cappella groups are tasked with recreating a full and almost larger than life sound as they must embody both the instruments and often choir-esque backing group that further elevates these types of musical experiences.

Thankfully, this #TBT by the University of Virginia's Hullabahoo's does just that.

In the group's rendition of U2's "One," we are treated to a unique duet by two spectacular singers who execute a majestic performance that's both awe-inspiring and timeless. Anthems seem to be a thing of the past, but thankfully this is a cover that will keep you returning for another listen.