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UW's Furmata Bring A Dark And "Crazy" Twist To Gnarls Barkley Hit

Gnarls Barkely's "Crazy" is transformed from hip, 2006 Pop hit to dark and downbeat stunner in this new video by University of Washington's Furmata.

In the group's latest release, pulsing beats are exchanged for complex layering and rhythms as the group performs a cool and stylish cover of "Crazy" that will leave you wondering where Fermata got their inspiration from. While the original is full of booming percussion creating a more straightforward groove, Furmata's version takes things to another level causing the listener to reflect more on the song's lyrics and the emotions they cause you to feel.

The arrangement itself is killer, ladened with well-balanced bell tones that make multiple appearances throughout the song's duration.
And the subtle dynamics to open the performance are so nuanced and well executed, causing you to look and listen on in careful anticipation. 

It is only after Furmata has made a true vocal statement do they ramp up things in the second verse, returning to the song's roots with exhilarating energy, intense percussion, and even more bell tones! It all culminates in one of the year's most ambitious performances that easily pays off.

Check out the full video below.