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UW's Furmata Shares Soul-Baring, Poetic Cover Of Joji's "Slow Dancing In The Dark"

University of Washington's Furmata now owns a piece of our hearts after viewing their latest video.

The coed college a cappella group delivers an overabundance of feels in this new live cover of Joji's "Slow Dancing in the Dark" and emotionally, we weren't prepared. That's because the part R&B, part indie vocal rendition is a somber ballad that will play with your heartstrings like a bad breakup.

For starters, Furmata delivers an absolutely polished performance that allows the listener to get lost in the music, not giving a second thought to the arrangement's actually complexity. Once you move pass this, you are left contending with the profound feelings that Furmata is able to conjure up inside you.

As for the singing, it is phenomenal!

The group's steady pacing with the performance is impeccable, stretching out every movement to maximize the artistic effect. The group's balance oozes with a warm, yet anguishing conviction that helps the track to feel indie, but without losing its R&B side. And lead soloist Conner Kupferberg was made to sing this song.
Not only is his tone perfectly built to deliver the contrasting light and sorrowful textures that the song's message conveys, but the timbre of his vocals is mesmerizing.

To put it plainly, every inch of this cover cuts deeply.

Check it out below.