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Varsity Vocals Announces The 2017 ICCA Lineup

With 2016 nearing its conclusion, we draw closer to another ICCA season.

There's something about the spirit of competition that just helps a cappella to feel a bit more authentic. Could we survive without it? Sure. But think of all the great showstopping performances this illustrious event has given us. Not to mention, Pop TV has a show featured around it (Sing It On).

And each year, it seems that the ICCAs continue to get bigger and better. Last year, we saw the splitting of the ICCA West region (into the Northwest and Southwest) and a reformat of the ICCA Central region. Not only this, but 341 groups competed last year, whereas 367 groups have been approved this year. While it's unfortunate that more groups had to be turned away, it's great for us, the audience, as the committee is becoming more selective on the level of talent.

In any case, we are excited to see what the new ICCA brings.
Last year, we saw our very first UK Champions The Techtonics take home the trophy. Who do you think will win it all this year?

See the full list of competitors here: