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Varsity Vocals Goes Virtual For 2021 A Cappella Season

In a year full of firsts for the a cappella community (as well as the world), news has just broke on another first. For the first time ever, the biggest competition in a cappella will be all-virtual for its upcoming season.

That's right, the 2021 a cappella season will have a virtual format, with no in-person competitions. We witnessed the abrupt end of the 2020 ICCA/ICHSA season due to the current pandemic, an unexpected turn like no other in Varsity Vocals history.
And for a brief stint (a matter of weeks) the organization played around with the idea of continuing on with the rest of the season by way of video submissions, before ultimately cancelling the remaining events completely.

Realizing that the pandemic and social distancing might be a part of our lives heading into 2021, Varsity Vocals has begun making the necessary preparations for there still to be an element of competition by hosting all upcoming events online.

So, what does this look like? Well, here it is:

·      Submitted performance videos will be the new norm and the primary format for ICHSA, ICCA and The Open
·      A modified rubric will be utilized by judges in evaluating performances
·      The same Quarterfinal/Semifinal/Finals bracket system will remain
·      Submitted videos will replace traditional competition sets and will be limited to 4 minutes
·      Vocals and Visuals can be recorded separately or together as long as social distancing guidelines are adhered
·      All content (vocals and videos) must be created or edited by a current group member

Applications are due by October 1, where groups must include a 5-10 minute video of your group from the 2019-2020 school year.

Two MAJOR changes for this new virtual format include the competition being completely free to all interested groups. Additionally, judges for each regional quarterfinal will remain the same throughout the entire region. This will aid in keeping judging consistent across the board for all regional participants, another first for the a cappella community.

Applications will open in September and we cannot wait to see how this all plays out!

For full details on Varsity Vocals' announcement, go here.