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Villanova Spires Tackle Mega Hit "That's What I Like" In Stylish Live Performance

Take one of the hottest songs of the year and a talented all-male vocal group and you're in for one rousing performance.

Let's just say that any cover of a Bruno Mars track is going to be a tall order to fulfill. But couple that with one of his hit songs currently atop the Billboard charts and the stakes are even higher. 

Yet, The Villanova Spires are up for the challenge and succeed with flying colors. Their cover of Mars' "That's What I Like" has all of the old-school swagger and RnB soulfulness of the original, while not being a straight transcription. What ends up being the strength of the performance are all of the minor nuances that aren't present in the original, from the belltones to the solo ad-libbing and big harmonies dished out by the backup singers.

Like Bruno Mars, the Spires have a smash hit on their hands with this cool and chic performance.