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Villanova Supernovas Help Man Pull Off Surprise Wedding Proposal

Prepare for cuteness overload.

Collegiate a cappella is often known for its widely popular viral cover videos and ICCA events. These videos and events with their visually stunning performances that demonstrates the ability of music to easily enthrall its listeners. But our art form is about so much more than what's surface level.

Case in point, wedding proposals.

That's right, there's been a growing trend in the last decade of videos popping up showcasing individuals professing their love for their significant others and enlisting the aid of a cappella groups. Such is the case with this gorgeous wedding proposal featuring the Villanova Supernovas. In the nearly three minute long video, the coed group performs a stunning and moving take on "Can't Help Falling In Love" set to beautiful backdrop of city skylines and adoring crowd shots.

It's a magical moment that the couple and the Supernovas will not soon forget.