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Virgina Tech's Soulstice Heats Things Up With Sultry Performance Of "Havana"

Some songs are simply about the way they make the audience feel and this cover of "Havana" has us feeling good.

This video of Camila Cabello's current chart-topping song by Virginia Tech's Soulstice is saucy, spirited and boasts quite the striking vocals. Soulstice doesn't settle for a run-of-the-mill arrangement hoping that you'll simply be swayed by their soloist, no they go the extra mile. That being said, the group's lead completely carries her weight with her runtastic vocal delivery, which is incredibly seductive demonstrating the necessary high range and energy that will have you believing that you've been magically transported to a warm island resort.

Simultaneously, Soulstice's backing group pulls double-duty as they hold down a harmonically tight foundation, while adding in a plethora of ambient sounds and effects that add an extra layer of color and enthusiasm that latin bands naturally excel at.

This is one performance that will have dancing in your chair.