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Vocal Point Brilliantly Balances Light And Dark In A Cappella Mashup "Feeling Good/House Of The Rising Sun"

I don't think we fully recognize the genius of some music videos being put out by groups.

Yes, there are some that are oozing with colorful scenery, while other music groups are content with making use of a single room. Some choose to fill the video to the brim with special effects, while others focus on a single idea and let it dictate the storyboard.

Then there are those videos that are jam picked with immense details and concepts that stay true to the story being told. Blink and you may miss one of the many wonderful concepts that help to reinforce the story.

This is the type of video that has caught our attention today.

In the latest video release by the all-female, a cappella powerhouse Vocal Point, of the University of Rochester, we are treated to one of the most balanced (literally and metaphorically) and conceptually stunning works of art a collegiate a cappella group has released in recent memory.
The ladies deliver a phenomenal mashup as they cover Nina Simone and The Animals in their "Feeling Good/House of the Rising Sun" video.

The video is a glorious depiction of how to not only balance a performance vocally, but also in the story being told. As the listener watches Vocal Point showcase various elements including musical depth, texture and style, they are also treated to a beautiful interplay of light and dark.

The light in this case being the video's portion of "Feeling Good" which features beautiful and airy chords, whereas the dark comes from the heavy and intense pulse of "House of the Rising Sun." Both play off of each other so well, not only in the case of two dynamic soloists, but also through the amazing execution of the backing group and use of light and color.

The portions of "Feeling Good" which are brighter in lighting and color and sound more uplifting, juxtapose the more bold and passionate scenes of "House of the Rising Sun" which are depicted in a darker fashion. Viewing the video once is enough to grasp how much detail and planning went into such a compelling and incredible video.

Vocal Point has delivered a jaw-dropping performance, both in terms of a compelling a cappella sound and eye-catching video. And it's one you have to see!