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Voicebox Is Crowned Your 2016 SoJam Champions

In case you missed out, the biggest a cappella event in the South took place this past weekend!

A few months back, we detailed 5 Cool A Cappella Events worth checking out during the year. Without a doubt, the biggest event in the South is easily SoJam. It provides an opportunity to groups who are looking for an event that has the competitive nature of an ICCA (International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella) event, but also has learning opportunities such as masterclasses and workshops.

In its 14th year, its appeal continues to grow each year.

This year, one of aca-community's  younger groups, UCF's Voicebox were crowned the champions.
This group has been making waves recently with multiple special award wins at ICCA, 1st Place Quarterfinal finishes, and even an appearance at ICCA Finals this year as the Southern Champion.

The group truly has something special happening and we're looking forward to what they accomplish next.

Check out their encore performance from this past weekend's SoJam after they took first place.