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Vox Cameli Brings Cello Rock To A Cappella In This Apocalyptica Cover

More than anything, it's been a breath of fresh air seeing groups branch out from the typical song choices over the last few years.

I haven't been able to decide if you can credit that to the demand for something new in the artform, or a transition in song tastes by young college students. In either respect, I can appreciate what's occurring.

And no music genre is off-limits. Even if its Finnish cello metal bands like that of Apocalyptica. In this dark and earthy rendition of the band's single "Bittersweet" Vox Cameli of Connecticut College delivers a passionate performance that has a unique style to it. The cover tackles a low dynamic, with the first lead and backing group, and juxtaposes it nicely with the high energy of the second soloist.

It's a completely different presentation from what you're probably used to, but it's exactly what is needed to appeal to varying music tastes.