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Washington University Pikers Impress With Cover Of "Babel"

There's no denying a strong, passionate musical performance! And that's exactly what the Pikers are dishing out today.

In the group's latest video release, the all-male a cappella group from Washington University deliver a confident performance of Mumford and Sons' "Babel." The live performance has charisma, gusto and keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

But what is most impressive is how the performance is backed by such a commanding and robust wall of sound. The Pikers are unified in every musical aspect from energy and dynamics, to the passion displayed in their stage presence which is not only audibly pleasing, but gives viewers something to really latch onto.

The folk and rock elements are fantastically heard and felt throughout the arrangement from the moments of unison between lead and backing group, all the way to the zeal of the soloist himself.

It's artistic and inspiring, and a video that will leave a smile on your face.