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Watch As 58 Greene Carves Out An Irresistible Groove With John Legend's "Darkness And Light"

Raw, unadulterated vocals are always our preference.

And 58 Greene of the University of Michigan is dropping plenty of it in their take on "Darkness and Light" by John Legend and Brittany Howard. There's so much personality and an immense feeling of carefreeness in this performance that's it's too good to resist.

From the airiness of the backing vocals to the thrill and unexpected groove provided by the vocal percussionist, it's simply impossible for this video to be anything but captivating. And the leads? Well, they're truly remarkable. Both bring vibrancy and style to the whole thing, which makes the entire experience completely satisfying.

We're not sure what inspired this performance by 58 Greene, but please keep dishing out these tasty grooves.