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Watch As Miami University's Soul2Soul A Cappella Delivers Legendary 6-Song "Shrek Medley"

Every now and then, a performance so glorious, so majestic, so riveting comes along that it literally takes your breath away!

This is indeed one of those performances.

Collegiate a cappella is known for many defining characteristics, from infusing crazy beatbox breakdowns in songs to an endless supply of "Fix You" covers. But one thing that our genre often does better than other musical demographics is medleys. There's something written in our DNA that allows us to craft killer medleys and perform them with a fiery passion unlike anyone else can. And today, we may have stumbled upon the mother-load of all medleys.

 The all-male a cappella group Soul2Soul A Cappella, from Miami University has rewritten the script on medleys in their brand new "Shrek Medley."

Yes, you read that correctly. "Shrek", as in the animated movie.
And to be honest, it's a medley that we didn't know we needed, but are so grateful to have.

In the five minute long video, Soul2Soul A Cappella seamlessly weave their way through some of the greatest hits from the movies soundtrack including "Funkytown", "Accidentally In Love", "Holding Out For A Hero" and "All Star" to name a few. And honestly, it is one of the most epic performances in collegiate a cappella in the last few years.

Each song offers a refreshing interpretation of the original track, backed by stellar soloists. That's right, each leading man commands the stage when they step forward to take the reins. As for the arrangement itself, it is well thought out and highly engaging, allowing your ears to stay invested in not only the solos, but the backing sections as well.

But what makes the performance leaps and bounds above other performances is Soul2Soul A Cappella's ability to infuse an unyielding supply of both humor and energy into the song. By the end, you're left wishing the group had simply arranged the entire movie's score.

You'll laugh, maybe cry, and even cheer after watching such an incredible video.