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Watch As The Bluebelles Perform Epic One-Shot Musical Medley

Musicals are back with a vengeance, and college aca groups are going all in on them.

In the past few years, it seems that musicals have been all anyone can talk about in the arts community. With hit shows such as Spring AwakeningHamilton, and Dear Evan Hansen to name a few, musical theatre is seeing a revival that hasn't been felt in quite some time.

And who better to help spread the word of these glorious compositions than collegiate a cappella groups?

In this insane 36 song medley, The Bluebelles of the University of Exeter, wonderfully highlight some of the biggest songs ever to hit the Broadway stage, songs both new and old. Even more impressive is that the entire video is filmed in one continuous shot.

Today's #WCW is full of quick wardrobe changes, props, and seamless transitions, all sure to bring a smile to your face.