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Watch As The New Dominions Absolutely Slay This Camila Cabello Cover

How can you not feel for videos like this?

We are literally picking ourselves up off of the floor after this cover video of Camila Cabello's "I Have Questions" by the New Dominions of the University of Virginia. Why is that you ask? It's due in large part to the sheer force of Amelia Lindsey's voice, the group's lead singer.

Holy cow! Just when you think her voice is reaching its breaking point, she continues to climb, delivering stunning refrain after refrain. And there is true substance behind the vocal performance of both her and the group. At times, there's hints of loneliness, uncertainty and pain, but by the end, it's complete and absolute power and confidence.

And no one can feel the magnitude of this performance as much as the audience watching. With every big moment, there are roars of approval, applause and amazement.

This is an utterly brilliant performance!