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Watch As The Rolling Tones Nail Trip Hop Genre In This Massive Attack Cover

If you don't know of The Rolling Tones of King's College London, well, it's time you take a vested interest.

When it comes to the UK a cappella scene they have been making massive waves as of lately. And this coming Sunday, July 30th, you'll have a chance to see and hear them live via our streamed segment "Aca Live."

But we're jumping the gun a bit. Here's a small glimpse of what this dynamic, all-female vocal band can do. 

In this cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" The Rolling Tones offer up a smorgasbord of colorful sounds, where the performance feels like a mixture of folk, soul and electronic music all wrapped into one, set in a late '80s, early '90s environment. The ambient vibe is quite unique in that The Rolling Tones draw your attention to the human voice's powerful ability to be an actual instrument rather than to simply sing well-placed melodies.

It is a truly inviting and captivating performance that shines as a bright example of how talented these vocalists are. 

Check it out below.