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Watch As The UMBC Mama's Boys Croon Their Way Through This Trevor Wesley Cover

When an all-male vocal group is on-point, the performance is almost guaranteed to be unforgettable.

There are many collegiate all-male groups who make a strong effort towards being comical and entertaining. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this approach. In that same respect, there are many guys who got into a cappella to appeal to the opposite sex. With this, a different approach must be taken.

One of the smoothest voices you've probably never heard of is an artist by the name of Trevor Wesley. His music screams RnB, soulfulness and should definitely be exposed to the masses. In this cover of his song "Even If I Fail," the University of Maryland's Mama Boys recreate the crooners vibe in almost effortless fashion. From the runs of the main soloist to the low, boominess of the second soloist, the Mama's Boys have struck gold with this one.