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Watch As Tonal Recall Performs Stylish Rendition Of "Fire N Gold" In "Stairwell Sessions" Series

When it comes to great acoustics, look no further than the shower or your local stairwell.

I think it's safe to say that the most frequent users of the latter are often college a cappella groups, and for good reason. They are ideal for working on blending, dynamics and in the case of Wentworth Institute of Technology's Tonal Recall, the perfect setting for "Stairwell Sessions."

In this #WCW, the a cappella ensemble takes on Bea Miller's "Fire N Gold" in their local stairwell, to much success. The group's arrangement is a major departure from the pop-heavy themes found in the original. Tonal Recall's version is more of an electronic-styled interpretation as the voices display a string of unique effects such as quick swells, atypical rhythms and stylish beatboxing.

What helps to further sell the innovative performance is the distinctness of the lead's voice to add so much character to the song. It's as if the composition was tailor-made for her light and airy voice.
It delivers substantially on the pop side, while simultaneously possessing an enthralling tone color that really works in painting the song in a new light.

Enjoy the first addition to Tonal Recall's "Stairwell Sessions" and be sure to check out more by them.