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WATCH: Columbia SHARP Gets Soulful In New Chris Brown & Jordin Sparks Mashup

Fresh off of their 2018 A Cappella Video Award win for "Best R&B Video" the gentlemen of Columbia SHARP are back with a another smash hit music video that's serving up some major ear candy.

Simply titled "No Air x Battlefied" the new release by the all-male vocal group is a mashup of two hit songs by Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks. While the original tracks have a very heavy Pop tone and influence, the arrangement by SHARP is extremely dialed back, allowing the lead vocals, instead of the effects and backing instrumentation, to be the main attraction. Much of the Pop elements have been replaced with a bit more focus on RnB, which are a specialty of SHARP.

And the group has depth in the talent section. Each of the three leads displays a powerful and diverse instrument that allows them to shine when their moment arrives.

The backing group's warm and balanced sound makes the entire experience refreshing and relaxing.
It is a wonderfully polished project that you'd come to expect from such an impressive group and only helps to show that college aca-groups are some of the most talented musicians around.