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WATCH: Drew University's All Of The Above Delivers Vintage A Cappella In Chilling Rendition Of "River"

Sometimes all you can do is sit back, and let the music wash over you.

We're finding this to be extremely easy with this cover of Leon Bridge's "River" by Drew university's All of the Above. The coed a cappella group lends their smooth, gentle stylings to Bridge's 2015 hit song, entrancing you every step of the way.

Remove the earth shaking vocal percussion, intricate and mechanical production and what are you left what? A cappella in its purest state. And it's delivered in the most intimate way as All of the Above subtly shares a piece of their heart through soft crooning, rich tones and a passionate lead delivery. 

The group's unified, and alluring blend work wonderfully in creating the soulful and at times folk-driven sound. The pulse of the song is so simple yet foundational, as the group's snaps accompany the well-rounded low end.

The parts of "River" that are the most endearing are created by soloist Liam Ryan. Ryan's singing is so comforting as his silky smooth vocals engulf you like a warm blanket.
By the song's end, he goes for broke, unleashing unrestrained passion in his higher register to drive the song's message home. 

Sometimes, you just crave performances that allow you to sit back and enjoy a group's artistry. This is indeed one of those performances.