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Watch 'Ford S-Chords Uplifting And Inspiring Video For "Something To Believe In"

Inspiring rock performances...that's all we're interested in and the 'Ford S-Chords are making sure we receive a hefty dose of it with their newest video.

The all-male a cappella group from Haverford College combine robust vocals and intense percussion to deliver an invigorating take on Parachute's "Something to Believe In." 

From the full sounding chords, which are brilliantly executed from the start with the group's strong bass section and skillful tenors, to the S-Chords' dynamic soloist, it's impossible not to feel encouraged at the song's conclusion. And the choice of a black-and-white themed music video  fits the project well, allowing for an expressive performance that further enhances the song's message of inspiration.

And while the song displays good production, it's not overdone, which lets the vocals shine through, allowing listeners to feel the passion in the group's singing at every refrain. 

This is more than just entertainment, this is purposeful singing and we can't help but to feel moved by the S-Chords.