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WATCH: MIT Logarhythms Cover Zedd In Exciting Live Rendition Of "The Middle"

If you like a cappella music that really hits your ears, look no further than the MIT Logarhythms.

The college a cappella group has just released a new live video performance of "The Middle" by Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey and the dance-pop chart-topping hit couldn't sound anymore perfect. While the group's arrangement is slightly scaled back in comparison with the original, the song's effect is hardly loss due to its gigantic sound.

From top to bottom the Logarhythms' sound is wonderfully polished, incorporating appropriate production effects to really let the sound pop! We're talking a well-rounded, deep bass sound, warm and blended mids, and some standout percussion. And don't even get us started on the reverb. It really elevates the live performance, offering the audience a super nuanced and professional sound.

And the cherry on top comes in the form of the Logarhythms' lead Quinn Brodsky. She's more than capable of keeping an audience engaged with her large vocal range.
Her best moments come when she really digs down deep and goes for the song's biggest notes, showcasing impressive runs and her distinct timbre.

The Logarhtyhms' new video serves up a refreshing and high-level rendition of the popular song that we know you'll enjoy!