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Watch Pitches And Notes' Perform A Deeply Affectionate Cover Of "Whole" In This #WCW

There's something wonderfully hypnotic about full sounding chords in a cappella music.

Yes, I do enjoy variations in rhythms and the intricacies of arrangements masterfully done in a way where two voices can recreate the arpeggios of a piano. But, there's an unbelievable connection that can be established simply by the execution of a full sounding, lush chord. And this cover of Rixton's "Whole" by Pitches and Tones of UW-Madison speaks accurately to this.

In this #WCW, the group foregoes the decision to have one dedicated lead vocalist and instead uses the entire group to establish hauntingly beautiful harmonies and a trans-inducing tone. The delivery of the vocals are enough to hold your attention alone, but the song is furthered by the subtle percussion that arrives halfway through the performance.

The entire performance sounds and feels effortless on top of such an emotional message.
Each utterance of the phrase "and make them whole" pierces the spirit as the ladies have such a light and clean sound.

This is a performance that truly captures the essence of what music is all about.