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Watch Rhythm And Roos' Uplifting & Impressive Cover Of Kelly Clarkson's "I Don't Think About You"

Typically, Mondays are the more emotionally charged days of the week with its lamenting of how the weekend has passed and the struggle of the long laundry list of things to get done for the rest of the week. But Tuesday has us feeling so much more and we're placing all of the blame on the University of Akron's Rhythm and Roos.

That is because the coed a cappella group has us caught up in our feelings with their video of Kelly Clarkson's "I Don't Think About You."

The group has delivered a cover video that is passionate, inspiring, moving and chock full of expressive singing. 

The group is an absolute force to be reckoned with as they steadily stun viewers throughout the video with their commanding dynamics and their solid balance. It's as if the power of 50 singers were condensed into an 18-person vocal group. 

Each belted note reverberates through the listener's core, filling you with with heartbreak, resilience and every other emotion that the group's lead is able to deliver through her powerful solo.
By the end, the video will leave you uplifted.

Yeah, it's a lot for a Tuesday, but we're okay being put through it all. Thanks Rhythm and Roos.