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WATCH: The Columbia Kingsmen Serve Up Fun Vocals & Good Times In New Video For "Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)"

One rip-roaring good time!

The Columbia Kingsmen are the epitome of classy and cool in their newest video, an a cappella cover of "Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) originally by Looking Glass and we're being flooded with some serious throwback vibes.

The all-male a cappella group from Columbia University go for broke as they bring the 1970s track into 2019. From their stylish and sleek formal attire to their old school vocal performance, the Kingsmen transport us back to the Golden Age of music. The doo-wop styled arrangement packs a charismatic punch that adds a comical, yet authentic nuance to the video showcasing an abundance of personality.

And while the groove is mostly established by snaps and a bouncy bass line, in place of a pounding percussion, it's more than enough to hook listeners.

And even with all of this going on, we find ourselves loving the Kingsmen's showmanship above everything else! Thomas Baker makes the perfect captain, and lead soloist, to steer this merry ship. His vocal inflections, energy and ability to play with dynamics makes the entire experience truly entertaining.
Not only this, but it allows the backing singers of the Kingsmen to join in effortlessly and create a well-rounded and highly infectious sound that's too good to ignore.

Join in on the fun by watching the video below.