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Watch: The Echoes Serve Up Dreamy Vocals In Debut Music Video For "Lost In Japan"

Have you got plans tonight? If not, well we can think of at least one thing that you should do.

And that would be to check out The Echoes debut music video of "Lost In Japan" by Shawn Mendes and Zedd.

Straight out of the University of Notre Dame comes the a cappella group's first ever step into video production and the group is seriously on their way. Filmed over gorgeous backdrops of bright city lights and stunning waterfronts comes a video that equally mesmerizes both visually and audibly. 

The Echoes' theme of a night on the town does a spectacular jump of establishing a party tone throughout the video's entirety that heightens the fun and infectious energy that the listener feels from the ardent vocals. And while the video work is indeed wonderful, the music is absolutely the highlight. The Echoes' in-your-face vocal presence delivers unwavering energy recreating the swagger and appeal of the original track.

The group's arrangement is dynamic, showcasing each vocal parts skillful ability of supplying a powerful and animated role to the overall cohesive performance.
One of the best and pivotal sections comes near the song's end in the bridge. The percussion cuts out and the group shares a beautiful moment full of bewitching higher melodies and elegant and soothing full chords, before transitioning into a dreamy duet.

From the lead's gentle, yet controlled solo all the way to the balance of the backing singers, everything about this performance is magical!

Check it out for yourself in the video below.