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Watch: The Sil'hooettes Deliver Electric Performance Of "Ready For It" In This #WCW

No bigger name is currently dominating music headlines than T Swift and the Sil'hooettes are capitalizing on this.

Taylor Swift's newly released "Reputation" has now provided aca-groups everywhere with an endless supply of popular hit tracks for months to come and this rendition of "Ready For It" by the all-female group from the University of Virginia is straight fire. The arrangement plays up contemporary a cappella's current love affair with all things dubstep and electropop as the song's foundation boasts electric and vibrant vocals.

The Sil'hooettes have a knack for fusing various rhythmic elements and colorful tones into one simple delivery that's both stylish and controlled.

Many groups struggle to convey personality through their performances, offering plenty in the way of musicality, but lacking in truly performing. The Sil'hooettes accomplish this wonderfully through their lead vocalists who know how to command a stage, whether it's through free spirited melodies or assertive rapping.

This #WCW is just right for today's music scene.