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WATCH: Wolfgang A Cappella Debuts Exciting Live Video Performance Of "So Bad"

Pop music in 2018 is what we're all about!

That's because Wolfgang A Cappella of NC State University has just dropped a new video for Brandon Skeie's "So Bad" and it is everything you'd hope music of today would be. The group traverses some seriously deep rooted emotions depicted in the song in epic fashion with their stunning live performance.

Often times, it's easy to mask a great sound behind studio magic, but Wolfgang A Cappella is seriously the real deal! The group's entire sound is current, hip and full, creating an electric groove and vibe that's good all the way to the core. The vocal percussion is utterly fire as it rounds at every section of the song with hard hits that create such an easy dance track to sway to.

And Wolfgang A Cappella's lead Ryan Gramzay has a rich texture and style to his voice that makes it so effortless to command the stage. You will be hooked till the very end as he delivers big notes and acrobatic runs.

This video is an absolute hit and should be viewed by all.