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#WCW Alert: The Enchords Passionately Cover Florence + The Machine's "Various Storms And Saints"

Sometimes you just need a departure from the traditional routine. Thankfully, music is a great place to find this.

In this cover of Florence + The Machine's "Various Storms and Saints" by The Enchords of the University at Buffalo, the group goes all in on stirring up deep emotions. The song's message of being able to progress after a turbulent relationship is felt in waves by the group with each refrain. The Enchords have a real talent for producing a united sound that flows so well together, taking their time to give each movement life and meaning. And even the moments of abrupt stops and silences linger well past their actual duration, allowing the audience to grasp the magnitude of the entire song.

And if this wasn't enough, the conviction of the soloist is borderline heartbreaking. Her voice cuts over the band's well-structured and defined sound, letting emotions effortlessly flow with an air of resilience that's needed to inspire. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better #WCW anywhere else.