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#WCW: Cornell Class Notes Show Off Sultry Vocals In Passionate Delivery Of "Copycat"

There's no denying a high energy performance with immaculate soaring vocals. But sometimes, a performance needs a bit of diversity.

And this recently released video by the Cornell Class Notes screams different.

In the coed a cappella group's latest video, the group demonstrates flawless vocalplay with their rendition of Billie Eilish's "Copycat." The song is chock full of indie stylings from the intricate chords to the warm tone generated by the Class Notes. The performance is intense but in a controlled and precise manner that won't have the audience asking to dial things back.

It's a performance that is just as effective, if not more than any chart-topping pop hit currently on the radio.

What helps to elevate it is lead Julia Chang whose sultry vocals will leave you shook. Her delivery is incredibly refreshing, at times drawing you in with a low raspiness and other times, letting her higher register wash over you with ease.

This is the out-of-the-box type thinking that more aca-groups should take note of.