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#WCW: Pitches Be Trippin Stuns With Evocative, Powerful Performance Of "Nina Cried Power"

There's so much more to this genre than Top 40 Pop covers and groups are proving that more and more each day.

Yes, we do have major vocal festivals and competitions that display this each year such as BOSS, SoJam and the coveted ICCA, but these are not the only sources of exemplary and purposeful art. We only need to look at the everyday concert videos from college a cappella groups to find true, inspiring gems.

And boy did we stumble upon something good with today's #WCW.

Hailing from American University is Pitches Be Trippin, an all-female a cappella group who have conjured up an expressive and thought-provoking performance that's both culturally relevant and artistically sound. And can we just say that we fully endorse the group's name. A cappella is full of witty puns, but this may be one of the best we've come upon.

Anyway, we digress.

Filmed at the group's Spring concert comes a glorious cover of "Nina Cried Power" by Hozier featuring Mavis Staples.
The track is inspired by the musical and cultural legacies of prominent figures such as Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell and Mavis Staples to name a few. Not only this, the song acts a symbolic tribute to the downtrodden or those cast aside.

And the listener feels so much of this in the delivery from Pitches Be Trippin.

From the song's start, there's no gimmicks or charades. There's an intense heaviness from the robust tones of both soloists that convey that the singing is not an afterthought, but an acute sincerity in an effort to share a profound message. And the unity from the backing group, in their blend, dynamics, and stage presence only helps to solidify that this all transcends your standard cover.

What Pitches Be Trippin nails perfectly is this wonderful fusion that sits on the border of spoken word and a soulful musical selection. The group truly digs down deep into their core to grab hold of powerful emotions and then places them at the feet of all who will listen. 

This is an undeniable performance that stirs up real feelings, and we are ecstatic that we get to experience it.