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#WCW: Rowan Vocals Share Emotional, Tear-Jerking Performance In New Cover Video For "When She Loved Me"

Warning! Watching the following content may result in shedding a few tears.

Now that you have been warned, let's get to it.

The Rowan Vocals (RoVo) of Rowan University have gone all in on delivering an extreme and emotional gut punch in their latest cover video "When She Loved Me." Written by Randy Newman and recorded by Sarah McLachlan, the song came to prominence as part of the soundtrack for Pixar's Toy Story 2.

The Pop ballad played a pivotal role in characterizing one of the movie's major characters, a heartbreaking moment of the animated film. Now, RoVo has taken that moving portrayal and worked it into an exquisite a cappella performance that will leave the heart longing for comfort and love.

The college a cappella group's singing is mesmerizing and alluring as the slow movements of the vocal lines wash over listeners like a warm lullaby. Each refrain is delicately balanced by the individual vocal parts, blending gracefully like a timeless classic.
Every chord locks into place as if it is returning home from a long journey.

And soloist Winnie Cross handles the lead with extreme care, as if she is sharing a musical story to a single listener. Her higher register is so elegant, breaking at the right points conveying immense feelings. Her lower notes also wonderfully sell the song, as they are wonderfully controlled.

There are few #WCW performances that showcase a ballad like the one delivered by Cross and RoVo. So poignant, and effective at sharing your heart through music. This is one that will move you every time you come back to take listen.