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#WCW: The Muhlenberg Dynamics Astound With Marsha Ambrosius Ballad

The Muhlenberg Dynamics are getting us all choked up with this #WCW.

There's no denying a truly authentic, soulful performance. Very few things in life are more enjoyable. But combine this style of music with a catchy melody line on top of a colorful backing arrangement, and add a group who has the ability to create an engaging musical atmosphere through tone and intensity, and you're in for something special.

This is exactly what this cover of "Run" (originally by Marsha Ambrosius) is, something special. And what takes this whole artistic experience even further is the lead soloist who sings with such vehement tenacity that we are left awestruck.

Today's #WCW will grab you from the get-go and keep you hooked until the very end.