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#WCW: The UNC Loreleis Strike "Gold" With Classic Nina Simone Track

More than 50 years later "Plain Gold Ring" is still an alluring and warm track that is capable of lingering long after its delivery. And now, the UNC Loreleis have put their personal mark on the track, adding to its longevity.

In this tantalizing #WCW, the Loreleis deliver the classic Nina Simone track with a certain air to it that enthralls the senses in a very soothing manner. There's a good amount of of complexity to the chord structure, which helps the cover stay true to the original, while allowing it to function on its own in a very refreshing and modern way.

The ambiance of the entire experience is so surreal, which draws the listener right into the vocals of the lead singer.

The Loreleis have struck gold with their newest video.