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Why Every College Aca Group Should Attend Sojam XV

There are so many reasons to love Fall. From auditions and the start of the new school year, to holiday themed concerts and submitting applications for ICCA, it's quite possibly the best season out of the year.

And one more reason to love it...SoJam.

For those new to aca-events in the South, SoJam is a weekend-long vocal music festival where dozens of a cappella groups (consisting of scholastic and non-scholastic groups alike) convene in North Carolina to learn from some of the brightest minds in contemporary a cappella. From workshops on group development and sharpening your storytelling abilities through music, to a scholastic competition made-up of some of the best high school and university groups around, there is truly something for everyone. 

Here are three reasons why every collegiate group should be making plans to visit Raleigh, North Carolina in just over a month.

1. Workshops, Workshops, Workshops

While the most entertaining aspect of attending an all-vocal music festival is typically the performances, the real benefits to group lies in the workshops.
No, we're not talking your typical whiteboard sessions covering what is a cappella and when did it begin. No, we're talking about lessons on how to take your group to the next level. Attend a session on how to really generate revenue from gigs, improve the quality of your music videos, or even learn some yoga for singers.

SoJam offers more than just your standard music education classes, they have put together a wide variety of educational resources that truly aim to help a cappella groups grow and progress.

To see a full list of class offerings, visit here.

2. Scholastic Competition

So now that we've gotten a little of the business out of the way, let's talk singing! SoJam, hands-down offers one of the best vocal competitions outside of the ICCA and ICHSA. Groups looking for a bit of competition during the festival weekend should apply for SoJam's Scholastic Competition. Six groups, consisting of high school and college aca groups will be selected to compete in the weekend's vocal contest. Consisting of three rounds, groups will take part in themed performances putting their musicianship and creativity on full display, with only a handful of acts advancing each round.

The winning act will walk away with free studio time at Bill Hare Productions, passes to future aca-events, masterclasses, and the chance to open for the weekend's Professional Showcase among other items.

But act quick! Groups looking to get involved have until September 29 to submit a video application. More details can be found here.

Bonus! Here is video of last year's SoJam Champions, Voicebox.

3. Professional Showcase

What better way to top off an all a cappella weekend than with two industry juggernauts headlining the Professional Showcase? Trick question, there is no better way.

After the workshops have concluded, attendees will be treated to what we can only assume will be the showcase to end all showcases as "vocal+electronics" innovators ARORA and Grammy winners Take 6 perform Saturday night. We hear that no one puts on a concert quite like a cappella acts do, and when you have vocal jazz experts and live looping all on the same stage, things are bound to get exciting.

So, whether you're looking to add a few more tricks to your group's arsenal or just want to be engulfed by the awesomeness that is a cappella, SoJam is the place to be October 27-29.