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You've Never Heard "Silent Night" Quite Like This

Sometimes, Christmas can get you a bit teary-eyed.

Yes, this magical season typically evokes feelings of warmth, happiness, joy and merriness. But sometimes, Christmas gets to you in a very emotional way.

Christmas is a great time to reflect on all you have and the people you get to share it with. Here at College Aca, we couldn't be more grateful for all the wonderful college groups sharing their special talent of music with audiences all around the world.

On many occasions, we run into a special arrangement that just says it all. And during the holiday season, that message can say even more than typically what's heard throughout the rest of the year.

In this performance of "Silent Night" by University of Iowa's Intersection, the message the group is extending will resonate long past opening presents or family dinners. There's a gentleness to the group's singing that's truly impactful, brought out by a well-thought out arrangement.

Share this special performance with those who are dear to you during this glorious season.